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CloudOkta works to safeguard your business from cyber threats by providing a comprehensive solution beyond data protection.

Today, businesses live in the cloud and are often run using mobile devices and other constantly evolving technology. Unfortunately, this leaves the door open to cyberthreats of all kinds. It's not just about having data protection such as firewalls, email filters, anti-virus, and malware tools to protect your data. Sadly, there is no foolproof solution to safeguard your business.


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These days, it's important to have serious cyber security in place so that your business is protected. To strengthen your company's security posture in today's volatile environment, CloudOkta provides a revolutionary approach to cybersecurity. We do more than protect your data; we focus on business protection.
Technology can go a long way in protecting your data. Yet, policies and procedures around access, securing data, and dealing with breaches must be part of a far-reaching security plan. It's not a matter of IF you will be breached but WHEN. Don't leave your business at risk.


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Cyber Security



Security Concerns Don't Disappear in the Cloud

  • Cyber-attacks occur every 11 seconds
  • $13 million is the average cost to companies resulting from cybercrime.
  • $6 trillion is the estimated global impact of cybercrime in 2021.

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Just because you move your business data to the cloud does not mean you never have to worry about cyber threats again. Cloud and Hybrid IT architectures all present unique challenges when protecting your most sensitive information from attackers and maintaining compliance with all types of regulations.

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CloudOkta gives you affordable and efficient cloud migration strategies to align your company's specific needs and objectives with a security-driven approach. Once your company's security has been breached, it can be hard to recover. Let CloudOkta provide optimal protection for your company, and rest easy knowing your business is in trusted hands

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